Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Music Video of Nima Rumba JAADU

Just Few days ago New Music Video of Nima Rumba was released called "Jaadu". The Video is full of Light Effects and Dances. The video has been directed by Prabin Shrestha, who has already won Image award for the best video director. And The video is from Nima's new album "Prostyle Rangai ki ma". As the title itself says that Prostyle a hairoil company has sponsored the album. In this video the first clip starts with Prostyle Hairoil.
 And later on Nima is Riding a Honda Motorcycle. Interesting thing is the less view of Nima and the more clip of Bike has shown. We can surely guess that this video and album has full of sponsor.

There is no doubt that video and song is nice but i wonder if those company will sponsor some underground talent then definitely new talent will grow in Nepali Music :)

Heres the Video!! Check it out !!


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