Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Millionaire Women by Selling Roti

Two years Ago Sabita Shrestha Worked on Distillery Company as an assistant. Her Husband Worked there as a securityguard. Both of their income was hard to live their life. Suddenly both of them lost their employment because the company was closed. Government had sued the company because of cheating of tax and with duplicate receipt. They have three children and their future was in danger as their guardian lost their job. As the universal say, " when there is will there is a way" Sabita continues sell her handmade ROTI to few departmental store. Then those ROTI became so famous that within two years she is now a millionaire. Now her life is going smooth and happily. Her children have their safe future.

This seems like some folk tale of Nepali Books of our School. But it is real. So friends if we determine doing something in life then we will definitely achieve.

so the moral of this article is "when there is will, there is a way"

Note : The picture and Aritcle has been taken from Weekly Nepali Magazine "SAPTAHIK"


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