Friday, May 20, 2011

The Grand Music Festival 2011, Nepal

Last saturday Grand Music Festival was held in Tudhikhel Nepal. Almost all the big stars of Music industry of Nepal were present in the program and this program might have been the only grand program held in Nepal with all those stars in one stage. Sadhana Kala Kendra and Media Mantra organized the program attempting to make it a grand success.

 All the stars were brought to the stage by two helicopters. The program started with national song prepared by the Sadhana Kala kendra group. Then the program took the phase. Then lots of stars started the show. All genre of singers were there from rock to pop to hip-hop and from old singers to new singers were there. The program was hosted by Dinesh D.C. One the occasion, Om Bikram Bista and Sukmit Gurung were honoured with Life Time Achievement Award.

The program with total of 16 singer's performance was really nice. But still there were some flaws in the program, the sound system in the program was not so good so the performance of the singers were not much enjoyable. Also due to lack of management, the audience were not properly managed and the singers had to face much of bottle, noodles plastics, etc.

All in all the program was OK...!!!


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