Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Marriage Expense in Social Work


Nepali actress Sovita Basnet, who married just last month has decided to spend her marriage expense in social work helping seven  poor children.

As soon as they married Sovita with her husband Nirajan Bhandari  went to her hometown Dhading Gandi and made promise to take care of all the education expenses of whole life of seven children of two different school. Instead of spending money in the parties and all, she decided she would spend that money to help children.

Sovita said that altogether 50,000 would be spend in a year and she would handle the expense of their admission, books, stationary items. She is also helped to built two rooms in Osho Ashram.
Sovita has done a great job. Yes, people should be inspired by here and do something for the sake of society.

Great job Sovita...!!!


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